Revolutionise Your Solar Panel Cleaning with Nanotech

Our innovative solar panel cleaner keeps your solar panels clean, providing maximum energy output with minimal maintenance.


Redefining Solar Maintenance

Introducing our state-of-the-art solution, bottled for perfection. Nanotech’s Solar Panel Cleaner is more than just a product; it’s a transformative experience for solar panel owners around the world. Each drop is engineered with precision, showcasing the wonders of nanotechnology tailored for solar care.

A single application offers:

  • Longevity: Our self-cleaning formula keeps your panels pristine for up to two years, freeing you from frequent maintenance worries.
  • Robust Protection: Defend against dirt, grime, and mould with our protective layer, ensuring your panels resist common environmental challenges.
  • Enhanced Performance: Boost your panel’s energy output, capitalizing on their full efficiency potential.
  • Eco-Conscious: Our sustainable and environmentally-friendly formula ensures that while your panels shine, the planet benefits too.

Elevate your solar experience with a touch of Nanotech. Our coating isn’t just a product; it’s a pledge to optimal performance and a brighter, greener future.

Why Nanotech coatings?

Long lasting protection

Our hydrophobic coating creates a protective barrier that keeps your solar panels clean for up to two years.


Any dirt or grime is simply washed away by rainwater, reducing the need for manual cleaning.


Clean solar panels perform better and produce 30% more energy improving overall efficiency.


Our solar cleaning solution prevents mould growth allowing your solar panels to stay clean and efficient.


Our self cleaning solar panel coatings keep your solar panels clean for up to 2 years compared to traditional cleaning methods that require much more frequent cleaning .


Our Nanotech coating is easy to apply to any solar panel surface.


Our Nanotech product caters for a range of customers, from residential to commercial solar farms.


Nanotech combines the latest technology and industry experience to be Australia’s leading provider of innovative solar panel cleaning solutions.

Hear From Our Happy Customers

Based on 5 reviews
Michael Movsessian
Michael Movsessian
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After 2 years I noticed my solar panels not giving me the daily KW like used to give . So I rang the company & complain , they said because I live next traffic and M6 expansion Work too much dust the panel getting and I need to wash them. So I contact Nanotech to come 8 am and do what need to be done. They come 730 went up in the start Cleaning and put special coating so doesn't get dirt quickly. After that wash now I noticed I'm getting The kilowatt, which was two years ago. So thanks John for the good job done. I recommend this company for their job and timing
Greg Seggie
Greg Seggie
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A product out there that works .thank you John my solar panels generate more energy due to having the coating applied to always being clean . Thank you guys
Jordan Sidhom
Jordan Sidhom
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I applied the Nanotech Coatings product to my solar panels a couple of months ago, and the panels still look super clean and their efficiency is still 100% what it was when they were brand new. It is a great product and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to protect their solar panels whilst also improving efficiency!
Tappt Exterior Cleaning
Tappt Exterior Cleaning
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Have worked with John from Nanotech, he is awesome
Kade Edwards
Kade Edwards
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Nanotech is an impressive product that I have first hand experience with. John was a pleasure to deal with. The product has kept my panels looking new, keeping my wife happy, less cleaning, better output. Thanks guys!

The Importance of Maintaining Your Solar Panels

When solar panels are clean and well maintained, they can perform at their best, delivering optimum energy for your home or business for many years to come.

Solar panels can become dirty from a number of factors.
Dust, bird droppings, pollutants and your geographical location can all contribute to the cleanliness of your solar system.

No Maintenance for
6 months

energy loss
0 %

No Maintenance for 12 months

energy loss
0 %

No Maintenance for
2 years

energy loss
0 %

How It Works

Step 1


Rinse any dirt or grime off your panels and get them nice and clean.

Step 2


Wipe down the surface of your solar panel.

Step 3


Spray the solution evenly onto your solar panels.

Step 4


Now your protective barrier is in place, you now have a self cleaning solar panel for up to 2 years!

Don't wait for better solar efficiency
make it happen today with Nanotech Coatings.

Not only will your solar panels shine brilliantly under the Australian sun, but you’ll also enjoy significant energy gains that
contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is recommended to clean your solar panels every 6-12 months, depending on your location and environment. However, with Nanotech’s self-cleaning solar panel coatings, you can reduce the need for manual cleaning and enjoy long-lasting protection for up to two years.

Our Nanotech solution is easy to apply to your solar panel surfaces. It is much easier to apply before your solar panels are installed on your roof. We recommend hiring a professional to apply your already installed solar panels to ensure maximum safety and proper application.

Only in a good way! Our coatings are designed to enhance the efficiency of your solar panels by keeping them clean and free from dirt, grime, and other contaminants.

Yes, our solution is environmentally friendly and sustainable, contributing to a cleaner planet.

Yes, our solution is versatile and can be used on a range of surfaces including glass, windows, plastics and more! We recommend consulting with our team to determine the best application method for your specific surface.

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