Say Goodbye To Dirty Solar Panels with Nanotech’s

Self Cleaning Solar Panel Solution

Protect Your Solar Panels and Boost Their Efficiency Today.

Are you tired of constantly cleaning your solar panels or losing efficiency due to dirt or grime?

Nanotech Coatings provides a revolutionary self-cleaning solution that will keep your solar panels clean and running efficiently for up to 2 years. 

Combining the latest technology with industry experience, our solar panel cleaner forms a protective layer on top of the solar panel making it resistant to dirt and grime. With its hydrophobic nature, any dirt or grime is simply washed off by rainwater, leaving your solar panels shiny and clean under the Australian sun. 

It’s time to save money and boost your solar panel efficiency with Nanotech Coatings advanced solar panel cleaner.

Ready to Boost Your Solar Panel Performance?

Imagine a world where your solar panels are always at their peak efficiency, producing more energy and saving you money.
With Nanotech’s cutting-edge self-cleaning coating, you can achieve just that.

Why Nanotech coatings?

Long lasting protection

Our hydrophobic coating creates a protective barrier that keeps your solar panels clean for up to two years.


Any dirt or grime is simply washed away by rainwater, reducing the need for manual cleaning.


Clean solar panels perform better and produce up to 30% more energy improving overall efficiency.


Our solar cleaning solution prevents mould growth allowing your solar panels to stay clean and efficient.


Our self cleaning solar panel coatings keep your solar panels clean for up to 2 years compared to traditional cleaning methods that require much more frequent cleaning .


Our Nanotech coating is easy to apply to any solar panel surface.


Our Nanotech Coatings solution is versatile and caters for a range of customers, from residential to commercial solar farms.


Nanotech combines the latest technology and industry experience to be Australia’s leading provider of innovative solar panel cleaning solutions.

Who We Work With

At Nanotech, we work with a range of customers to provide innovative, sustainable solutions for solar panel maintenance.

residential solar panels


We work with homeowners and investors who are looking for a cost-effective, long-lasting solution to keep their solar panels clean and performing at their best.

workers installing solar panels

Solar panel installation companies

We partner with solar panel installation companies to provide coatings that protect their installations and keep them looking like new.

man cleaning solar panels

Exterior cleaning companies

We work with exterior cleaning companies to provide a unique, self-cleaning solution for solar panels that reduces the need for manual cleaning and increases efficiency.

solar farms

solar farms

We partner with commercial solar farms to provide coatings that protect their installations from dirt, grime, and other environmental factors, ensuring maximum efficiency and longevity.

Don't let dust and debris hinder your solar panel's potential

 Our hydrophobic coating technology ensures rainwater effortlessly washes away any impurities, eliminating the need for constant manual cleaning.

Take the leap into the future of solar maintenance. Contact Nanotech Coatings today and maximize your solar panel’s potential.

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